Mothers Day Quotes

Have You ever Surprised your Mom with best mothers day gifts or with some beautiful mothers day cards and so?
We here to make your mothers day something special this time with sharing some beautiful mothers day ideas, wishes, Messages, Gift Ideas, Poems, and Whatsapp Status and some beautiful mothers day wallpapers.
Let’s Celebrate and Wish Advance Mothers Day 2019 with sharing good ideas with our Mom, Gifting her some beautiful and Touching Happy Mothers Day Quotes to her for some mind-blowing Greeting Cards.
Mothers are the sweetest gift from Gods to us. There is no way we can ever really thank our mother for all she does for us nevertheless. Lots of Mother’s day card messages you can write in your card.

Save time and effort by using our ready-made messages in your next Mother’s Day card. Celebrate with mothers day quotes, happy mothers day images, mothers day messages, poems, greetings, wishes on this mothers day 2018.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes

Dear God! I pray tonight, please give me a dream to take me to heaven to greet, hug and kiss my grandmother a happy mothers day. Miss you very much.


My silence for a while doesn’t mean I don’t care. God knows how much I do… and how grateful I am because you raise me well. Thank you so much, mom! I love you

I do not have flowers or a diamond necklace, but I send you to love, and kisses for it is mothers day that is coming up. I never told u that I luv u and I care about, and if I don’t have u I will cry as any person will do; I will probably die for u if I have the chance.


I love you a lot and always will. We know that you’ll always love us too, you’ll always care for us, no matter what the age. Just know no matter what you do, no one will be able to replace you.

Thank you, mom, for everything that you have done and keep doing for me. Thank you God for having you as part of my life, you have taught me many good things, today what I have become it’s because of you.

Dear Mom

Your loving nature and your delicate words, will always flow through me like a gentle flower.

Make sure this day is your day, and rule with pure enjoyment and pure love!

Mum I take this opportunity to say BIG Thank you for what you have made my life to

be from the word go to this time.

I say thank U Mum.

Dear Mom

Hi Ma,

I just want to know that i love you so much…

I thank you u for being my mom.

You are our life.

I am very sorry for all of the pains that I brought to u.

Hi Ma

Mothers Day Quotes

A Precious Mother

  Mom You’ve given me so much,

Love from your heart and the warmth of your touch.

The gift of life and you’re a friend to me.

We have a very Special Bond which only comes from God…

I’m sure you agree.

As a child I would say Mommy I Love You,

Now you’re my Mother so dear I love you even more with each and every new year.

If I could have chosen,

I would have picked no other.

Than for you…

to be my lifelong friend and Precious Mother.

A Precious Mother

Only One Mother

Several stars in the pretty sky,

Hundreds of shells on the shore together,

Hundreds of winged animals that go singing by,

Hundreds of sheep in the bright climate.

Several dewdrops to welcome the day break,

Hundreds of honey bees in the purple clover,

Hundreds of butterflies on the yard,

But just a single mother the worldwide over.

Only One Mother

Mother’s Love

Mother’s Love Her adoration resembles an island in life’s sea,

tremendous and wide A tranquil,

calm haven From the breeze,

the rain,

the tide.

Tis bound on the north by Hope,

By Patience on the West,

By delicate Counsel on the South And on the East by Rest.

Above it like a signal light Shine Faith,

and Truth, and Prayer;

And through the changing scenes of life I discover a shelter there.

Mother's Love

I Love You, Mom!

Mom’s smiles can brighten any moment,

Mom’s hugs put joy in all our days,

Mom’s love will stay with us forever and touch our lives in precious ways…

The values you’ve taught,

the care you’ve given, and the wonderful love you’ve shown,

have enriched my life in more ways than I can count.

I Love you Mom!

I Love You, Mom!

To My Mother

For all the times you gently picked me up,

When I fell down,

For all the times you tied my shoes And tucked me into bed,

Or needed something But put me first instead.

For everything we shared,

The dreams, the laughter,

And the tears,

I love you with a “Special Love” That deepens every year.

To My Mother

Mom And Me

Best friends forever mom and me

Picking flowers and climbing trees.

A shoulder to cry on secrets to share

Warm hearts and hands that really care.

Mom And Me

My Mother Kept A Garden

My Mother Kept A Garden

My Mother kept a garden,

a garden of the heart,

She planted all the great things

that gave my life it begins.

She swung me to the daylight

furthermore, urged me to dream,

Cultivating and supporting

the seeds of confidence…

Furthermore, when the breezes and rain came,

she secured me enough-

Be that as it may, not all that much since she knew

I’d have to stand up solid and extreme.

Her consistent great case

continuously instructed me appropriate from off-base-

Markers for my pathway

that will keep going a lifetime long.

I am my Mother’s garden.

I am her inheritance

What’s more, I trust today she feels the adoration

reflected once again from me

My Mother Kept A Garden

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