Happy Birthday Wishes & Quotes for Son from Mother

Happy Birthday wishes for son from mother is more meaningful than others, and this birthday word has so attractive that brings smile and happiness on his face. Because Mother’s love is an unconditional and pure love for her son. The mother is so emotional and excited for this day, and she arranged everything for the celebration before her birthday. Only parents that want his son to become a successful person in his life than others. In this world, nothing is more beautiful than your son’s smile that comes when you give a birthday surprise. Because his mother knows which gift or surprise is best for his son.

Here are Birthday Wishes and Quotes for son from mother:

Happy Birthday Quotes for Son 

  • Happy Birthday, dear son. I am blessed, and thanks to God for having a son like you. I love you, my son. Many happy returns of the day. God bless you, my son.
  • With every passing year, you grow and become a man in the future. But for me and my heart, you will be a little child. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! I hope that you become a great and successful man in the future. Have a good day, and enjoy your celebration.
  • Happy Birthday Quotes for Son 
  • You are the purpose of my life. I need you more in my life than anyone else, and I cannot imagine that you far away from me. Happy Birthday dear, son.
  • My little pride and joy are my son, and finally, this day has come. I am very happy. Son, Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother

  • The relationship between son and mother is more special than any other relation. This relationship and love can never change due to a distance or time by time. It is a real and pure love form mother. The mother understanding any situation of his son and always forgive his son of any mistake. Happy Birthday!
  •  Happy Birthday. When I saw you the first time, I catch you in my arms, and I feel so emotional and happy with my heart. I kiss you first time on your forehead.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother
  • Happy Birthday. You are my little angel and my beautiful dream that has come true. I feel so proud when you have born.
  • My son, may your all dreams come true that you want in your life. It is not a special day only for you, but it is a more superior day also for my life. I hope you love it. Happy Birthday to my sunshine.
  • Happy Birthday, handsome son. You are my whole world, and I feel incomplete without you in my life. You are a part of my life. You are far for me because of your studies, but you always live in my heart. I cannot celebrate a birthday this year, but I send a gift to you. I hope you like it and come back home as soon as possible because I miss you so much, darling.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother

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