Birthday Wishes for Wife

It is a reality that we wait for different occasions to greet our loved ones. Especially birthdays dealings are significant to feel joy and express the feelings in a lovely style.

To present a gift is a very formal way to celebrate birthday parties but the only things which can inspire any lady of the world are the “words”. Words contain a powerful effect inside them that can hit the heart of a woman directly and leave long lasting impressions.

So the matter is that your words should be original and must come from the heart so that they can click the heart of your life partner. Try to become poetic. Are you searching for words to greet your wife? Don’t worry. Here are the collections of words that help to show your sincerity for your spouse.

You can sense the originality of emotions by these words. Express what you want from the core of your heart for your wife and never waste time to capture the opportunity to wish your wife. Pick the wish according to your lover taste and share it with her.

It can be sweet, romantic, humorous, simple or even motivational. Let choose the right one and enjoy the fun of birthday along with your wife.

Choose Birthday Wishes for Wife from below, where we have assembled wishes for all those who want to send messages to their wives…

Best Happy Birthday Wishes For Wife

Yes, I am lucky! I got the most amazing, handsome, dashing, funny, courageous and lovely husband! I love you, honey! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Darling! Thankful to God, He sent you on earth only for me. Your body, your love, care, and your soul is the only mine. Full copyright I have.


Happy Birthday to the owner of my thoughts and my heart! Happy Birthday dear sister, my hubby! A perfect man, perfect friend, and perfect husband I have! Lots of respect for you!

Birthdays come only once in a year but having a husband like you changes my life. Your presence made my every day equal to one year. Happy birthday, honey!

You are just like a dream boy of every girl, see I am lucky. I got you! Happy birthday, darling!

Your love and presence turn my every lousy day into a delightedly happy day. You make me feel special every day. Now it’s your special day, happy birthday sweetheart!

You are a husband every girl dreams of, a father every child wants, a friend everyone needs, and a person everybody looking. Thank you for making my life super silky. Happy birthday, honey!

As you are growing older, no matter whether you have grey hair or no hair, my love is unconditional and will not expire. Have a romantic birthday darling!

Nothing can explain my love for you, on your special day look into my eyes to discover the more beauty of my love. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

birthday wishes

Thank you, God; you reward me with the best, handsome and amazing husband. And my friends are jealous of us.  Have the god blessings like love, health, and success. Happy birthday, darling!

My first thought in the morning ever, my last idea at bedtime, you are my whole world. Never want to stay away from you. Happy birthday my life!

Here you can get every type of birthday wishes. You can get ideal wishing quotes for your daughter, mother, husband or wife.

Indeed these wishes are a great way to express your love to your sister, wife, and husband. Say goodbye to efforts of writing your wishes! Just choose from here and rest.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife

My favorite music is your voice, my favorite note is your beautiful name, and my hobby is thinking about you, my favorite wish is to wish you every year warmly with a tight hug. Happy birthday my sweetheart happy birthday

Your beauty is incomplete without appreciation. I also feel incomplete without you just like a body without a soul. My heart desires you. Come to me, my dear. Love you.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife

Your attraction is more powerful than a drunk of whiskey. I am unable to control myself when you are in front of me. On your birthday a lot of kisses and hugs for you my sweetie.

Happy birthday my life. My breaths are uncontrolled. My heart wants your touch. My love! How much time you will remain far from me? I need you.

I am a beggar of your love. Give me some time for your closeness. So that I have to feel relaxation. Happy birthday my soul mates.

How do i tell you what is you for me? Your body, your smile, your eyes all are enough to play with my heartbeats and to make me crazy for you. When I close my eyes you come in my dream, when I wake up I can smell your fragrance around me. You are like a picture which is always in front of my eyes and I cannot let my attention towards other things. I love you. Happy birthday.

I am waiting for the day when you will come to me and hug me. I will never let you to go away from me. You will see the strength of my love. Happy birthday to you.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife

I wish I am your bed. I wish I am your pillow underneath your head. I want to be all around you. I want to hold you tight and be the one lucky enough to kiss you in the morning. Happy birthday my love.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

I know girls are very sensitive so I can’t take a risk to forget your birthday. Happy birthday to you my sweetie.

I never get rid of your sensation even for a while. You are like my spy. Happy birthday to you my love.

At night I was waiting to see the moon, but it did not appear. So I call the sky to ask where is the moon. Sky told me that the moon is busy in reading her birthday wishes. Happy birthday to my moon.

How much busy you are my dear? Have you some time for me? I am here only for you. Please also give a chance to such a poor guy who is always waiting for your lovely sight. Happy birthday to you.

You are so smart, you are so beautiful, you are so brilliant, you are so lovely, you are so cute. You know why? Because I am all this. That’s why you are. Happy birthday to my sweetheart.

Feeling of love, moments of caring, small sharing, stupid fight, shoulders to cry and to be together in pain creates a miracle relation that is of ours. Happy birthday.

A smile gives red color to your teeth, pink color to your lips and silver color to your eyes. So keep smiling and enjoy the colors of life. Happy birthday my dear.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

To live a life we need a brain, I.Q, knowledge, expression, looks, luck, mental qualification, etc. so I salute you for managing yourself without them. Happy birthday my darling.


On your birthday, I tell you seven rules to be happy:

Never hate

Don’t worry

Live simple

Except a little

Give a lot

Always smile and the most important is

To have a great lover like me. Happy birthday my cute sweetie.


Every night we go to bed, have no assurance to get up alive in the next morning. But still, we have plans for the coming day. It is confidence that’s the way your love has planned a surprise party for you. I know you have a long life. Happy birthday.

Impressive Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

On your birthday I want to tell you something about me. Whatever about me is actually about you because I am nothing without you. Happy birthday to you.

Mistakes are painful when they happen but years later, collections of mistakes are called experience which leads us to success. On your birthday I wish you a successful life.

Here is the birthday of my sweet darling. Let’s celebrate it by having a cup of joy, a slice of happiness, a piece of laughter and a spoon of cheerfulness. Happy birthday my dear one.

Ring ring. Please attend a call from the sky. Here are some beautiful fairies that want to wish an innocent, cute and lovely fairy on the earth that is my girlfriend. Happy birthday my love.

Wishing you a very happy birthday with this beautiful bouquet of roses. May each petal of these roses bring new happiness, color, love, and cheerfulness in your life. Happy birthday

O my dear whenever I see you I feel proud on my luck that I have you in my life. On your this birthday I want to say I love you and happy birthday my soul.

The relationship between you and me is not just a girlfriend and boyfriend; it is more than the words can say. I cannot explain it in words, just want to wish you a very happy birthday my love.

Meeting with you in my life is a sort of blessing for me. I am grateful to my God from the core of my heart Who gifted me with such a sweet girlfriend. I love you. Happy birthday my soul.

Love means to feel someone in every heartbeat, to find someone in every thought, to see someone with closed eyes and to miss someone without any reason. I love you, my dear. Happy birthday to you.

My love! I love you and trust you very much. As u know, trust should be like feelings of one-year-old baby when you throw him in the air, he laughs. Because he knows that you will catch him. I want you also trust me in every circumstance. Happy birthday.

Long Birthday Message for Girlfriend

Wind is blowing around in joy, starts are shining with more light than before, flowers are spreading fragrance everywhere and birds are singing. Actually, all these are planning and getting ready to wish a sweat darling lady that is my girlfriend. Happy birthday to you.

Here is your birthday my dear. You get a new year and one year of life has ended. The previous year gave us much happiness and it has ended as always. So I wish you this fully cover birthday and makes this day happier with me. Spend your time with your lover and I let you feel yourself very special. I hope you must enjoy this day. In the end, I will say that be happy to make me happy. I love you.

On your birthday I want to express that the girl who has totally changed my life and has given the sense of completeness and happiness is only and only you. You have flourished my world with joy and love. O my darling happy birthday

Impressive Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

On your birthday I want to make you feel as special as you have never felt before. I want to tell you how much beautiful you are for me. Whenever you laugh it happens like bells are ringing around in a musical way, when you walk wind blows like dancing waves, when you see it happens like beautiful rays are shining everywhere and brightening the environment. All this creates an auspicious sense of wishing you a very very happy birthday

I was happy because you are in my life but as the time is passing I am realizing that you are not only in my life instead you reside inside my soul. And on this occasion of your birthday, I want to wish u from the core of my heart a very happy birthday to you baby

From your very first birthday when you came into this world, there are many birthdays passed on which I couldn’t wish you because you haven’t met me before. But now as you are in my life, I don’t want to miss a single birthday till my last breath. Happy birthday.

Girlfriends are like a page in the book of life. Every page with different subjects but you are my index page, covering all subjects of my life. Love you. Have a good and happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend Poems

Clouds are white, the sky is blue

Flowers are shining with lots of dew

All are very much happy to say

O darling happy birthday to you


Sweet is your nature

Dear is your name

Close to my eyes

You will always remain

Happy birthday to you my princess.

From the time you have come in my life, everything is totally changed. The world is new, the sun rises with a new light, and stars appear with a new shine. All this is because you are in my life. Actually, you are my life. I want to wish my life a very happy birthday


May your hand be always in my hand,

We shine like a pearl of the ocean in sand

On your birthday I pray by my heart

May our relation be the perfect one on this land.

Happy birthday my love


When you smile, it would seem like the pearls are shining everywhere but if you are sad, the whole environment is sad. I feel like the sky is also silent. There is no whisper of birds. So, I wish the buds of happiness spread their fragrance in your life all the time.


As earth wants water

Flowers want dew

I want nothing but

Happiness for you. Happy birthday.


Flowers mean honey

Honey means sweet

Sweet means desire

Desire means love

And love means “only you”

Happy birthday my love


To love without condition

To talk without intension

To give without reason

To care without expectation

is the heart of a true love. I love you. Happy birthday.


Life ends when you stop dreaming,

love ends when you stop believing,

hope ends when you stop hearing and

my breaths end when you stop missing me.

Happy birthday to you my dear.


A girlfriend gives hope when life is slow

A girlfriend is a place you have to know where to go

A girlfriend is honest, girlfriend is true

A girlfriend is precious and my girlfriend is you.

Happy birthday

Birthday Prayers for my Girlfriend

May your this birthday become the sort of enlightenment for you throughout the year. Happy birthday my darling.

May this birthday open the doors of joy, blessings, and happiness in your life. Happy birthday to you my princess.

As the shining stars spread their twinkling light in the dark sky and make it beautiful may this birthday also bring beauty, shine, light, brightness and lots of love in your life. Happy birthday

May your life be full of brightness as the pearl of the ocean in the sand, as shining as the twinkling bead of the dew on rose and as beautiful as the collection of flowers in a garden. Happy birthday

When you smile it gives me happiness when you see it gives me a vision, when you take a breath it gives me life, when you pray it gives me a wish.    Here is a wish for you. Happy birthday

I pray that God bless you with such the rise that everyone desire. Your life will become an inspiration for others and you remain protected from evil eyes.

Prayers should not be postponed for special events nor for any other thing. You are in my prayers all the time. May you live long and happy. I love you, my dear. Happy birthday to you.

On your birthday I pray that May every second of your life full of enjoyment, every minute full of pleasure, every hour full of excitement, even the whole day and your whole life full of happiness.

May God grant a sun beam to warm you. A moon beam to charm you and an angel for your protection so nothing can harm you.

From the heart that beat your beat, mind that reads your mind, the soul that bowl your existence, from A to Z, a very sincere wish for you that may you get all which you want in your life. Happy birthday.

Morning Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Knock knock. Open your eyes come out of the bed, open the door and receive a lot of wishes full of love and happiness. Happy birthday

My darling baby. Just open your eyes and look at the window. Rays of the rising sun, blowing air and birds are waiting for you to wish you a very happy birthday

Oyo sweet butterfly, just go to that darling girl, sit on her soft cheek, wake up her from sleep and whisper in her ear a lovingly happy birthday.

The loneliness of night gives me a lot of pain. My heart wants to say something to you. Can you understand how much I miss you, my sweetheart? Happy birthday to you

I wait whole night when the sun will rise. So I come to you with a lovely gift just to wish you a very happy birthday. I love you, darling.

Happy birthday to my dream girl. May the blessings of God fill your every morning with happiness and open the door of success now and always. Have a good day.

Good morning my dear. Today is a special day as you are born on this date. I can feel this morning prettier than before. Happy birthday to you.

It’s my pray when you sleep, your sorrow, tensions, and worries also sleep for ever and when you get up, your happiness and success getup with you forever. Happy birthday.

Morning winds are blowing very cheerfully. The whole environment is very pleasant as it is your birthday. Here is a Buckeye of flowers for you to have a good day ahead. may you feel as beautiful and fresh such as these colorful flowers are?

The rising sun in every morning is the symbol of hope that after darkness there is brightness. On this lovely morning of your birthday, I wish that you also shine like sun all around the world. Your fame, your name will be well known by everyone. God bless you and enjoy a very happy birthday.

With the shining rays of the sun and dews on flowers, your birthday starts. May your day become memorable by everyone. Today I also want to realize you how much I love you and want to spend my whole life with you. Happy birthday

Accept my proposal my dear and give me a sense of completeness. I will feel glad if we go for a morning walk by holding your hand in my hand. Come into my life and fill the gap between my fingers. Happy birthday.


So, the above is the best birthday wishes & messages for all those who want to wish her wife & girlfriend. You can check it out more on Birthday Messages.

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