Birthday Wishes For Lover

On this page, we present you an amazing collection of cute and romantic birthday wishes for the lover. Birthday is a perfect occasion to remind your love, how much you appreciate and care for her/him. We hope that these happy birthday love quotes and bday cards will help to express your feelings.

Happy birthday to a particular person, bringing so much joy to my heart! I cherish every moment that we spend together, dear, and I wish you never-ending happiness! So Here are some wonderful birthday wishes that you can either say aloud or write in a letter or birthday cards.

You are the most beautiful thing that has ever happen to me in life. Have an awesome bday, my love!

Happy birthday, my dearest! Thank you for bringing so much sunshine and happiness into my life. I love you so much, and my feelings are getting stronger day by day.

I am the luckiest person on the Earth because I have the most beautiful girl by my side. Happy bday to you, sweetie!

Happy Birthday Wishes to Lover

Life is incomplete without love. Everyone wants to meet his lover. Has your search been finished? If yes then surely you want to make realize your lover a special person in your life. Following are the best wishes for loved ones to show how much they are important for you.

Happy birthday to my love. May God showers the flowers of joy and success in every step of your life.

My dear lover! You are a best companion. May your birthday please your soul and you always face truthfulness in your life Happy Birthday Wishes to Lover

On this special occasion of your birthday, I wish for you to be sweet as honey, be fresh as a rose and be soft as a tissue. Have a good day.

Very happy birthday to you. May your birthday be a day filled with happiness, charm and love.

On your birthday! I wish for you good cheer today and the days after it. Stay blessed and live long.

Happy birthday to you. You are the symbol of true lover. I pray, you never face any sorrow in the journey of life.

On your birthday I want to say that may your tomorrow will bring all that you enjoy the most. Happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Lover

I wish for you a new joy with a new year of your life. Enjoy the company of your love one with unforgettable moments. Have a happy birthday.

May you feel harmony at the end of every day. Happy birthday to my cheerful lover.

My love! Happy birthday to you. Always keep smiling. May happiness stay on your face forever.

May you will have a brighter future.  May this birthday will become a beginning day for health, wealth, success, courage and happiness in your life.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Lover

Many happy returns of the day. May you greet with a lot of happiness on your birthday. I wish for you the sincerity and love forever.

May your birthday become memorable by enjoying a lot of wonderful surprises. I wish this day and the days after it will be delighted by love and success.

You are one of the most love-able persons in my life. I wish you to play in the swing of happiness throughout your life.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Lover

Special Birthday Wishes for Lover

Lovers are a soul mate. They made one’s life very colorful and charming. Have you met your lover? If yes then never waste your time by hesitating. Special occasions are the source to express their feelings of love. Birthday is from one of such occasion. Let come and celebrate the birthday of your lover by following wishes.

My sweetheart! I wish to make your birthday the most fascinating. May you always bless with love, care and prosperity.

My dear! You are like sunlight which always brightens all surroundings. From the core of my heart, I pray for you to never face any sorrow in your life.

Special Birthday Wishes for Lover

Happy birthday to you, my adore. I trust you the most. May you live long and spread the glow of goodness to everyone.

Dear-lover! I enjoy your company, being near you. On your birthday we are together. Because I want to let you know how much I care about you. Happy birthday my dear.

May your birthday fill with sweetness and high spirit. You are my inspiration. I love you and want you to show care for me. Happy birthday to you.

When I see you I feel strength, so that I am here with you to celebrate your special day. A lot of hugs for you on your birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Lover

Happy birthday to my lover. You have touched my soul with your concentration and made my life more meaningful.  I love you the most.

Your contribution in my life is the greatest blessing of Almighty God. On your birthday I thank you to be always with me. You are my strength. I love you more and more as time is passing.

Our love for each other will never die as it is eternal., like the flame in our hearts. The day of your birth is so adorable for me. So I am here to wish you warmth and lovely happy birthday.

Special Birthday Wishes for Lover

Our love shines brightly no matter how far apart we are. U can hear me. I am wishing you lot prays on your birthday. We can whisper below or breathe each other. I miss you.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Lover

Love contains a powerful effect in it to develop emotions inside the heart. These emotions are either spiritual or physical. But both are the source to express the sentiments of love and desires. If your spirit for someone is extreme then here are some emotional wishes to show your feelings that what you want to have from your lover.

Ow my love! I feel happy to have you near me and feel sorrow if to have left you. I wish to be with you a whole of my life. Happy birthday my dear.

I like to share all my feelings with you. You are my charming lover. Happy birthday to you.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Lover

When you come across me and say nothing, I can understand what your heart desire. I feel comfort by appreciating your emotions. Happy birthday to my sweetheart.

Suppose it is my last day in my life and I would die in any moment. My last desire will only be that you always get what you want in life. May God fill your fate with happiness. Have a wonderful birthday.

You are my lifeline. I am nothing without you. On your birthday I confess that I love you very much.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Lover

With open arms I allow you to come near me freely. I wish a big hug and a lot of kisses for you on your birthday to feel you special.

You are from my heart and when we are finally together we shall never part. Happy birthday to my loving buddy.

I miss you when I smell any rose. I feel you closer to me when I see the moon on the sky. My love! come to me on my birthday as it will be never completed without you.

Heartbeats are life, life is rose, rose is you and I love you. Happy birthday my dearest, sweet and cutest pal.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Lover

Love goes beyond just a touch or a warmth look. It means much more for this beautiful feeling that I am sharing with you on your birthday. I am for you, you are for me. Happy birthday.

I dropped a tear in the ocean while thinking of you and I promised to be your love one till I find it. Now do you know how long I need your love? Very happy birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes for My Love

Is the birthday party of your love is near to be arranged? You will like to wish your love romantically. Following are beautiful birthday wishes which you will be like more than before.

Someone ask me to describe you in two words. He expected me to answer “The Best” but I did not say this. I just smiled and said “No Comparison”. Happy birthday to my special love.

Happy birthday my beloved. Since you have come in my life, I understand the importance of a companion. I need you every time.  Wishing you a wonderful day.

You have made my life so meaningful.  You teach me the significance of love. I appreciate your feelings regards to love. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes for My Love

want for you to believe myself as strength in all aspects of life. You will see where ever life is going on, I am with you like your shadow. Happy birthday my adorable darling.

Never feel alone in the journey of life. I am always with you to share all your feelings.  I wish you to let me feel, the most powerful for you. Happy birthday to my dear love.

If you are looking for someone when you are in trouble, you can call me. I am always present for you to give you calm and pleasure.

Birthday Wishes for My Love

Happy birthday my sweetheart. I miss you every night and every morning. I can’t live without you. You are my prince charming.

Birthday Love Quotes for Her

Women are the very sensitive and delicate creature that contain senses and always ready to sacrifice herself on love. They become happy with small celebrations. If you want to express your appreciation to such cute and delicate gender, wish them on their birthday with following love wishes.

Butterflies always find their way towards something sweet, thus I found you because you are sweetest. Happy birthday to my sweet lover.

The relationship of love is like a beautiful garden. The more you put into it, the better it grows. On your birthday I am going to present myself in your lap. I wish our love remains for a lifetime.

Birthday Love Quotes for Her

Largest is the mother’s love, shortest is other’s love, sweet is lover’s love but the strongest is your love. Happy birthday my princess.

The love of a lady is like a lamp which burns inside the heart.  I am also crazy for your love and want to sprinkle in your heart. Happy birthday my dream girl.

When a person sees a beautiful woman, his eyes become satisfied and when a person sees a woman with nice character and caring nature, she can win the heart of everyone. Happy birthday to such a beautiful girl who has won my heart.

Girls are like candles. They burn and spread the light all around. Happy birthday to my innocent and caring baby. You always guide me towards right. I love you.

Birthday Love Quotes for Her

A woman is like a flower. It is drowned but still it leaves the fragrance inside the hands. Happy birthday to such creature of the world. Have a memorable day.

Happy birthday my love quotes for him

We try to find different ways and occasions to express our deep feelings of love to our loved ones. Birthday is from one of that occasion. Here are some birthday wishes to show our love to our beloved person.

Our love is just like my breath as it moves in and out in my body and keeps me alive. Love you my life. Happy birthday to you.

I feel you are just like a heartbeat as it strikes in every second and ensures me that i am active and without you I am nothing just a soulless body. Happy birthday to you my dream boy.

Your presence is too much important for me that without you i feel alone even in rush. Your feelings give me power. May we always live jointly. Wish you a very happy birthday.

Happy birthday my love quotes for him

I wait when the clock strikes twelve because I wish to be the first one who wishes you on your birthday and i want that you get wished by me at all of your birthdays till my last year of life. Happy birthday my love.

You are my prince charming. May you be my soul mate in this world and also hereafter. I wish you very happy birthday.

I had never imagined, loving you would be such a grateful feeling for me. Your love flourishes me with lots of happiness and unexplained thoughts as i am in sky. May we live together joyfully and celebrate your all birthdays like this one. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday my love quotes for him

On this birthday occasion i want to make you realize that what your love means for me. Your love is a magic that sprinkle light in my life. May I bless with this magic thorough out my life. Happy birthday my darling.

Knock knock knock

Light of sun, fragrance of flowers, Blowing air, Flying butterflies and cheering birds all are here to wish you a very happy birthday. Let enjoy the birthday with all this beauty.

Happy birthday my love quotes for him

As a heartbeat is nothing without heart, Sight is nothing without vision, fragrance is nothing without smell as i am nothing without you. Happy birthday to you my prince.

Let us blow some candles on your birthday and may their light brighten your life with love, happiness and joy. As soon all candles will melt, may God will abolish all your sorrows, worries and unpleasant moments from your life.

May your birthday be as beautiful as the shining dewdrops in a field in the morning, as the colorful butterfly flying in a joy between flowers, as the dream of a poet, as a blooming rose, as a blowing air spreading all the joys and cheerfulness around you. Happy birthday

Happy birthday my love quotes for him

On your birthday i want to tell you how much your love is important for me. My life without your love is like smile without happiness, flower without fragrance and stars without shine. May we spend a lot of birthdays with each other. Happy birthday my love.

Wishing you a very very happy birthday. May your all coming birthdays be better than the past ones.

I ever try to show how much i love you; i find your birthday the best occasion to express my deep feelings for you. My dear one i want to be with you on this special day and also the days after. Wishing you a very happy birthday from the core of my heart. Happy birthday my buddy.

Happy birthday love quotes for him

To have a life without emotions, feelings or relations make it very boring and difficult. Relationships and feelings fill our lives with a sense of completeness. One of the sweetest and powerful relations is love that brings happiness, joy, cheerfulness and a sense of being protected by someone very special. Following are some birthday wishes for that special person. Celebrate his birthday with such beautiful quotes.

 Loving someone creates such an awesome feeling that a person gets submerged in it deeply. I feel these feelings when I am with you. I love you. Happy birthday my love.

On this occasion of your birthday, I want to make u feel so special. May this day be like a blooming flower that spreads his fragrance around you and makes your surroundings fresh. Happy birthday my dear special one.

Happy birthday my love quotes for him

May this day be like a growing sun that throws its light around you and make your day delightful and shiny with brightness and lots of love. Happy birthday.

I want to wish you like a blowing wind that will circulate around you throughout the day and make you feel special. Happy birthday my love.

On this special day, I confess that your love means a lot for me, Your love is just like a shadow that moves along with me throughout the way and never leaves me alone. My desire is to wish you on your every birthday till my last breath happy birthday my soul.

Happy birthday my love quotes for him

Funny Birthday Wishes for Lover

Funny wishes spread the smile on the lips of everyone. Some people around us are so special that we express our love by doing some naughty acts. We feel pleased by teasing them. They also never mind and enjoy more to such little disobedient words.  Such people are nearby to our heart, and we can never forget them throughout our life. Following are some birthday wishes for such lovely lovers.

Sugar is for milk. Milk is for tea. Tea for you, it’s true but I love you. Happy birthday my darling.

Trees say don’t cut me, flowers say don’t plug me and I says don’t forget so the love I am here on your birthday to make you feel my existence. Very happy birthday to you.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Lover

I wish you ten roses for you on your birthday. One for friendship, one for love, one for happiness, one for health, one for wealth, one for wealth, one for success, one for courage, one for looks and one for long life. Now, my dear, I let you to choose one for me. Happy birthday to you.

If an angel of death comes to me and asks what you would like at your last time, I will say instead of me take my love one but after hundreds of years. Ahah.  Happy birthday to my naughty cute lover.

When clock stroked twelve at night, I felt a smell of chocolate in the air. What sweet is there? Ohh yeah, I got it, its birthday of my pal. Happy birthday to you my sweetheart.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Lover

Here is a rose for those who don’t meet me daily. But his memories always come on to tease me. A big hug to such person. Happy birthday to my love.

I look for you up, down, right left, here there, everywhere just to say, happy birthday to you.

A lovely gift for a lovely person, for a lovely reason, at a lovely time, from a lovely mind, in a lovely mood, in a lovely style to say happy birthday to you.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Lover

I am glad on hearing your birthday party invitation. So you get one more year of life. I wish you to live for thousands of years. Always enjoy cheerful love of your beloved ones.

You can send the personalized beautiful birthday Wishes by writing the names of your friends, family, relatives, and lover. This will surely bring a smile to their face, and they will love it. On this website, you can write names on birthday cards. We have an impressive collection of HD Images of Birthday Wishes For Lover with lovely wishes written on them.

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