Birthday Wishes For Friend

We have a long list of Happy Birthday Wishes and Quotes lines for best Friend and family that you can share with them on their special day of life.

Is it your Friend’s Birthday? Want to say Happy Birthday to your Friend in some unique and special way!

Following is the best collection of Birthday Wishes for Friend. On your cards, you can write the name of your Friend with kind wishes. It looks real, and it will surely bring a big smile on his/her face.

Writing a sweet Birthday wish with the name on a birthday card for Friend is very easy, and it takes no time. Send these Birthday wishes to your Friend and make his/her birthday and your relationship more special. Don’t forget to share it with others.

Cool Birthday Wishes for Any Friend is the personalized wish for anyone. You can write the name on this wish to make their birthday special.

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Birthdays come only once a year, and they are meant to be shared and celebrated with others. So, on your friend’s birthday, a lot of people are going to wish him/her. Just make sure that your wish stands out among others’ and choose or share the image from one of the following unique and original wishes for making your friend big day more special!

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend

“My honey, my buddy, I desire you all the riches, first-class health and superior luck in the earth all the days of your fantastic life.”

“May perhaps all the years of your way of life be real hundred times brighter than the sun, the excellent opening of the new year of your life.”

The excellent opening of the new year of your life. Happy Birthday

“It shows you are more than the national hero as your birthday would have been a public holiday!”

“I wish that this latest stage of your life will be your impressive so far.”

“More than the million make happy birthdays in our day; not a bit is as significant as you are.”

“May our closeness have no stop now like a ball has no end.”

“As well many birthdays will take the life of you, yet enjoy this one, my sweetheart!”

As well many birthdays will take the life of you.

“Happy birthday is on the road to you. From excellent friends and exact, from previous friends and new, might good destiny go with you and joys too!”

“A plain gala for you, a get-together of friends for you; here is wishing you the grand delight and glee that in no way ends.”

“Happy carnival lovely friend. Here’s to one more year of smiling at our jokes and maintaining each other normal and wise. Be devoted to you and happy birthday!”

“Wish you the day that is dear & special in all the way as you are. Happy Birthday, darling!”

“Undeniably you are my friend as you are always there for me to support, to encourage and to listen including all other deeds that a true friend do is the only you. Happy returns of the day!”

“The birthday is the top of the days of anyone’s life. Enjoy it open heartedly. Have great fun!”

The birthday is the top of the days of anyone’s life

“My particular wish for you is that may you continue to love life with no ending of dreams. May the entire beauty and liveliness encircle you more than to your birthday! The greatest birthday wishes to you always.”

“The benefit of getting old is to spread your love with others.”

“Enjoy the happy and wonderful healthy birthday today and forever. Happy birthday!”

“Blowing out the one more candle mean you are here to live the one more new year of glee that makes this world a better place. Keep making new days and blowing of candles, have a lovely birthday.”

Happy Birthday my Dearest Friend

Happy Birthday my Dearest Friend! May God bless you and may every single wish you have comes true!

Happy Birthday to my closest friend!

A very Happy Birthday to my closest friend! May God bless you with all the things you want in your life!

Birthday Wishes For Dear Friend!

You are definitely a friend in need and the best person to share my happiness with. Happy Birthday, dear!

Happy Birthday my dear friend

You are a keeper and I want you in my life forever. Happy Birthday my dear friend!

Happy Birthday my new friend

Many people have come in my life, and many have gone through! But all I ever wanted, is to be with You!! Happy Birthday my new friend, looking forward to having more splendid years with you ahead!

You are a true friend, Happy Birthday!

You are a true friend, and I could never even imagine my life without You! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful Friend

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful person in my life, my dear Friend! May God bless you with health and prosperity!

Happy Birthday my friend

You are the most beautiful person I know, with a kind heart and generous soul. On this special day of your life, I wish you the best of all the universe and I pray for you to have a long and healthy life! Happy Birthday, friend!

A very Happy Birthday to the friend

A very Happy Birthday to the friend who has been there for me in all good and bad times! Stay blessed my buddy!

Happy Birthday my true friend

Happy Birthday my true friend! You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Please stay the same and stay forever!

Birthday Message for a Special Friend

We all have dozens of friend in our lives but some of them are very special, and they deserve to know that. So pick any of the following wishes for a special friend and let them know on their big day that how special they are to you!

Happy Birthday Dearest Friend

When we close our eyes, we only see darkness! That’s how my life is without you! Happy Birthday, Dear!

You mean the world to me my dear friend, Happy Birthday

If I would ever have to describe Happiness in my life, I would simply call your name! You mean the world to me, my dear friend! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday pal

Being with you makes me feel so happy that I forget all the sorrows of life. You are a therapist and a source of pleasure for me! Happy Birthday, pal!

Stay blessed buddy! Happy Birthday to the Oldest friend

From discussing our homework to discussing our careers, we both grew up together! Happy Birthday to the oldest and dearest friend of mine! Stay blessed buddy.

Happy Birthday my beloved friend

I have seen many people changing with the passage of time, but you have remained the same loving person through all these years. Happy Birthday my beloved friend!

I wish a very Happy Birthday to the person I love the Most! My friend.

I wish a very Happy Birthday to the person I love the most! My friend, my buddy, my soulmate, I am really blessed to have you and I pray to God to bless you with a lot of happiness, health, and prosperity in the upcoming years of your life!

The most valuable things to gift someone are your time! Happy Birthday dear friend

The most valuable things to gift someone are your time, attention, love and care! And I want to gift all these things to you on your special day and for the rest of your life. Happy Birthday, dear!

Happy Birthday special friend

Your hugs gave me strength and your jokes made me laugh. You are the reason behind my happiness and the truth of my success in life! Happy Birthday special friend!

The only constant in my life is You, and I don’t want to change that.! Happy birthday Pal

The only constant in my life is You, and I don’t want to change that! Happy Birthday, Pal.

Happy Birthday buddy have a blessed day!

There are so many people in my life but the importance and the place that You have in my heart can never be replaced ever! Happy Birthday, buddy have a blessed day!

Happy Birthday Partner!

No matter how many new friends I make in my life, you will remain my closest Friend Forever. Happy Birthday, Partner!

Happy Birthday to my lively friend!

I can’t wait to celebrate the birthday of that person who has made my everyday worth celebration. Happy Birthday to my lively friend!

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Male

Do you have a best friend who is more like a brother to you??! If yes, then what are you waiting for?! Following is the best collection of birthday wishes for your male best friend. Write down any of these on his birthday cake and see how it melts his heart!!

Happy Birthday buddy

Your Birthday is the most important day of the year because I get to express and celebrate the love and affection I have for you, and for our friendship. Happy Birthday buddy!

have a blessed day! Wishing a very happy birthday friend.

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to the person whose mere presence is very important to me. Thanks for being there my boy, have a blessed day!

Happy Birthday Junior

Maybe tonight you have become a year older and a bit wiser, but for me, you will always remain like a non-serious younger brother! Happy Birthday, Junior!

Happy Birthday my dear fellow

Today is a special day because today is the day when my best friend came into this world! Happy Birthday my dear fellow!

Happy Birthday to the closest, loveliest and dearest friend of mine. I feel so lucky to have a friend like you in my life. Please stay by my side forever and have a wonderful year ahead!

Being away from you on your birthday is the worst thing ever, but I still wish you the best Birthday and I pray for you to have a lovely year ahead!

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to the friend I recently met. I hope to have a splendid time with you in the future and celebrating many of your birthdays together. Stay Blessed!

I am so excited to wish you Happy birthday that I can’t wait for the clock to struck 12. A very Happy Birthday in advance my dear bud, have a joyous day ahead!

You are such an amazing person that I can’t explain you in words. I just pray that dozens of blessings follow you in the coming years and amazing things happen to you! Happy Birthday, bro!

Your loyalty and integrity cannot be beaten by anyone else. You are the purest and most genuine form of a human being I have ever encountered. Stay blessed my dear friend, Happy Birthday!

A Cheerful Birthday to my friend whom I adore the most in this World! You are a role model for me and my true inspiration. May God bless you, man!

I have enjoyed every single moment that I spent with you and I regret every time I was not by your side! Happy Birthday pal!

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Girl

Female best friend is more like sisters to anyone. Do you have any such best friend in your life? If yes, then wish them in a lovely way on this birthday! Choose any of the following wishes to be written on their birthday cake and make them smile wider!

You are a savior buddy, Happy Birthday

I always feel so great to have a friend like you around me. You are a savior buddy, Happy Birthday!

We talk every day, we meet every day, we spend time with each other every day, but I still just can’t get enough of you. Happy Birthday, Sista!

You meet hundreds of people every day but none of them really matters to you. And then you meet one special person who changes your life forever! You are that one person to me. Have a wonderful Birthday bestie!

What hurts more than a breakup is when your best friend leaves you. I don’t want to lose you, my buddy. Please come back and let’s celebrate your Birthday!

You are the person who added colors to my life. Happy Birthday, dear, let’s have a colorful party!

There are many unlucky people in this world who don’t get the love of their parents or the affection of their siblings, but a friend like you make-up for that. Thanks for being like a sister to me dear, Happy Birthday to you!

I don’t fear to make any decision or to take any dare as long as I have You by my side! Happy Birthday to my partner in crime, let’s rock!

We come across many coincidences in our lives, but the most beautiful coincidence is to have the same birthday as your best friend! Happy Birthday my twin bestie, let’s have a splash together!

Among all the children, my bestie is Cool, we play together, and go to the same School, Happy Birthday my school bestie!

I have found a faithful person and a mentor in the form of you. Happy Birthday my friend!

The most loving birthday wishes and surprises are coming your way from your long-distance friend. Enjoy your day to the fullest, Happy Birthday dear!

Even long distances and Oceans can never set us apart because friendship doesn’t count miles, it is measured by the heart! Happy Birthday far away bestie!

My love for you keeps increasing with each passing day of our friendship! Wishing you a Birthday full of love, fun and a lot of excitement, and a very blessed year ahead!

Wishing you a joyful Birthday my dear bestie. On this special day of your life, I want to wish you all the best for your future and Good luck with your plans!

You are my sunshine in the darkest of times. Your company makes me feel pleasant and your presence brightens my mood. Happy Birthday my favorite friend, may you have a thousand more!

Lots of hugs and warm wishes for the one and only best friend of mine, may you have a splendid Birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female

This Birthday message comes from my heart, for a dearest friend who lives far apart, I am sending you all my warm wishes, With lots of love, hugs and kisses! Happy Birthday sweet friend!

Have a Cheerful Birthday my sweetie!

Have a Cheerful Birthday my sweetie! May God shower all His blessings upon you on this special day and in your life ahead!

Since the very first day of our friendship, you have made such an amazing impression in my heart that I will never be able to erase it! Happy Birthday gorgeous!

It’s a miracle that our friendship grows stronger and stronger with each passing day, month and year! Wishing you another Happy Birthday to celebrate with me!

It is so amazing how one person can make you feel so special just by being with you. Wishing a very special Birthday to my beautiful friend!

You deserve to get everything that you desire, and I hope like a birthday wishes you always fly higher. Happy Birthday, darling!

My friendship with you can never be explained in a single wish! We are beyond words, beyond distance and beyond time! Happy Birthday, dear!

With a friend like you, who cares what’s going on in the world!? Life has turned into so much fun with you! Thank you so much bestie, have a very sweet Birthday!

Today on your birthday sweetie, I want to tell you that I love you the most and I pray for your well-being and success in life and I want to wish you nothing but the Best Birthday ever!

A birthday is a day to have a quick reflection of the year gone by, but also a day to set new goals for the upcoming year! Happy Birthday, dear, I am so proud of you!

Happy Birthday to you my sweetest friend! Thanks for sharing such a great bond of friendship with me.

Remembering the good times that we have had together through all these years and on your previous birthdays. Missing you a lot and wishing you a wonderful Birthday my friend!

With a new year in your journey of life, will be coming more challenges, opportunities and greater success. May God bless you throughout this beautiful journey. Happy Birthday!

May all your wishes and dreams come true on this special day of your life. Happy Birthday to the cutest friend of mine!

You love me like a Mother, you care for me like a Father, you fight with me like a Sister, and You support me like a Brother! You are more like a family to me than a friend and I never want to lose you! Wish you a joyful Birthday with loads of love!

Today is a very special day of your life and I want to wish you with lots of fun, excitement, love and beautiful memories that we have made together. Happy Birthday sweet buddy! let’s party hard!

On this big day of your life, I want to share happiness with you and I want to Thank you for being not just a good colleague, but a great friend also! Happy Birthday, darling!

Everyone deserves to have something special on their Birthdays and I want to make your Birthday special by giving you presents full of love, affection, and care. Happy Birthday my dear old friend, may you have a lot more!

Cute Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Following is an excellent collection of the cutest birthday wishes for your best friend. You would surely want to write one of these on their birthday’s cakes or cards.

Wishing a wonderful Birthday to my true friend for life

A strong friendship does not need daily conversations and being together always to keep the bond. As long as the friendship lives in the heart, a true friend can never be apart! Wishing a wonderful Birthday to my true friend for life!

Dear God, I am very much thankful to you for blessing me with such a great person as my friend on this special day. I want to celebrate every moment of this day with you my beloved friend, Happy Birthday!

College is the best place to enjoy life but with a friend like you, it becomes the best place to have fun and make splendid memories. Happy Birthday buddy!

Life brings us many new experiences, some are good, and some are bad. But all I want to wish you on your Birthday is that through all the upcoming years of growing up, you never get to lose your smile! Have a Happy Birthday my happy bestie!

People like you who add value to the smallest things in life deserve to be valued on their special day. Happy Birthday my buddy, let’s celebrate your day!

Dear friend, through every thick and thin, you were always there for me, so I’ll be always there for you too! Happy Birthday!

From sharing my lunch to sharing my life problems with you, I grew up playing, crying and laughing with you, I don’t know what you see me as, But I have always found an angel in you! Happy Birthday to my childhood buddy!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Birthday wishes are paramount to add value to the special day. If you want your friend to have a great smile on their face after reading your dream, then write any of the following funny wishes to them and become the reason of their smile!

Have a yummy day my buddy

I hope your Birthday will be as wonderful and extraordinary as you are! Have a yummy day my buddy!

The best thing in life is to be around people with whom you don’t have to pretend anything. I am so blessed to have such people in my life and you are one of them. Happy Birthday to the friend who is as weird as me!

Happy Birthday my best Buddy! Along with all the other wishes and gifts, I want to make a birthday prayer for you. May God bless you with His boundless love, calming peace and heavenly joy throughout the coming years of your life and make me share it with you!

Happy Birthday, Pal! Have a fun-filled day and don’t forget to enjoy the expensive party!

May you be blessed with infinite happiness and countless blessings on this big day and your life beyond. Have a sweet and yummy Birthday just like the birthday cake and save some for me!

Dear bestie, you have got everything that I ever wanted in a friend so please don’t change ever and let me arrange awesome Birthday parties for you! Have a splash, Happy Birthday!

Dear Buddy, you are just like a four-leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have. Thank you so much for making me lucky enough to celebrate your special day with you and wish you a Happy Birthday without any gifts!

Today I am going to sing the loveliest Birthday song ever, Just for you my friend! Cause best is what you deserve! Happy Birthday!

I have written birthday wishes for many people. I have arranged birthday parties for many friends. But when it comes to you, everything I do is straight out of my heart! Happy Birthday lifelong buddy!

You are my lifeline and my Heart stops beating without you! Wishing a lively Birthday to a lifesaving friend!

I have found many hands to shake with and many arms to hug around in the times of success, celebration, and happiness. But in times of sorrow and need, all I could find by my side was your shoulder to cry on. Wish you a Joyful Birthday dear buddy!

If I am a house, then you are my door, If I’m sweet candy, then you are sour, among all people who love you, I love you much more! Happy Birthday sweet friend!

I am so grateful to God for blessing me with a friend like you! You are my partner for life. Happy Birthday, dear, have a bright day ahead!

I don’t know in reward of which deed, I was granted a friend like you in need! Have a Happy Birthday my good friend!

I wanted to give you the best present for your birthday, so I bought the house next to your door! Happy Birthday my neighbor friend!

Birthday Wish for Best Friend Forever

Some of us have a best friend for life who stay by each other’s side till either of them takes his/her last breath. If you have some extraordinary friend like this, then the next wishes may help you in wishing them in a significant way on their birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday my dear old fellow

Forgetting your birthday was my biggest sin, I know you will throw my gift in the bin, but let me tell you one more thing, I’ll make it up when I’ll be back in spring! Happy Belated Birthday my dear old fellow!

I want your Birthday to start with good news, So I want to let you know that I paid all your dues! Have a relaxed birthday my room buddy!

You are not just my friend, you are the family I chose for myself! Let’s have a celebration buddy, Happy Birthday!

You don’t need to speak to me about your problems because I can read your mind just by looking at your face! Happy Birthday, bestie, I will be here for you always like I am here on your birthday!

The beauty of friendship does not depend on the number of things you can share or discuss but the number of things you no longer need to mention! Wishing a very delightful birthday to a friend who can always read my mind!

Birthdays come only once a year, but we can celebrate our friendship every day! I am so glad to be with you on your special day my friend! Happy Birthday!

I don’t know what it feels like to have siblings, but I surely know that if I had any, I would still prefer to be with you all the time! You are my sibling from another mother! Happy birthday, sweetheart!

People say that friend you meet in college will be your best friend for life, but I say that my best friend for life will go to the same college as me! Wishing you a crazy Birthday my dear buddy, let’s rock the college life together!

If you would tell me that the World is going to end today, I will believe you! That’s just how much I trust you my friend. Happy Birthday!

If I would get a chance to make a wish to come true, I will ask for another life with you! So, we could enjoy our Friendship once again. Happy Birthday bestie!

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